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paso fino
Our Story
Welcome and thank you for visiting. Fox Hill Paso Fino farm was established in 2006. We are located in NW Ocala, Florida, right in the middle of horse country! We pride ourselves on having top quality horses with the best breeding and training available. Our horses are selected for their athletic ability, beauty, intelligence, temperament and grace. Each horse is given the opportunity to grow and develop to it's full potential. While not all horses may have the temperament or talent to perform and win in the show ring, we do think that each horse has a special place and purpose. We strive to give each animal the attention and training it needs in the beginning, so it will be a pleasure to own. A happy and well trained horse makes a happy owner!

Our Background
Suzanne grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and started riding at age nine. Every Sunday afternoon she spent time at the local Pony Club where a handful of dedicated instructors would teach her the finer points of horsemanship. At the time she began riding, the English style of riding was most popular and she gained a lot of experience in this area. Suzanne would compete against other pony clubs at the local Gymhkhanas. After graduating from Pony Club, she began competing in open hunter/jumper classes. This foundation taught her many lessons and she still uses the skills she learned years ago in her riding today. Suzanne bought her first Paso Fino mare and Filly in 1999 when she moved to Southern Illinois. The experience of riding a gaited horse made her immediately fall in love with the breed. The smooth ride was amazing! After that she bought several mares and a breeding stallion, Celestinio PM (Sire, Ponderosa Coloso) was added in September 2002. Sadly, Suzannes husband passed away and she was forced to sell all but two horses, which remain with her today.

paso fino
Jim grew up in Crossville, Illinois. His father, Royal Cantrell, raised Quarter horses crossed with Thouroughbreds. He was never far from his fathers side and a love of horses was instilled in him at a young age. In the early 60's, they were one of the first farms to introduce artificial insemination. One year they had as many as 32 mares in foal. Jim grew up riding Quarter horses around the farm and caring for the mares and colts. He and his sister, Kay, would compete in regional shows for fun. As fate would have it, Jim sadly lost his beloved wife to cancer. When he met Suzanne they had many things in common, especially their love for horses. Their journey together began when Suzanne invited him to her barn for a ride on a Paso Fino. Jim fondly remembers her checking out his riding ability. Luckily, he passed with flying colors! They were married in 2006 and their mutual passion for horses prompted them to start Fox Hill Paso Fino farm. They designed their facility themselves and are learning the ins and outs of running an equestrian business. Like a young horse with a good foundation, Fox Hill is flourishing into a thriving Paso Fino Farm. jim on caporal
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